Best Video Poker Casinos To Play At In 2024

Video Poker is a Slot Machine game, that’s somewhat similar to a 5 Card Draw Poker type. It made its first appearance back in the 70s and quickly gained popularity among gamblers, who liked to Play Poker. This Video Game allowed players to enjoy a Poker Game by themselves and none else was needed.

With technologies advancing and Online Casinos being introduced, it didn’t take long for Video Poker to be implemented in just about any Internet Casino. Nowadays you can choose from more than a dozen Poker Types to Play, with each offering a great gaming experience from any country in the world.

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Rules Of Video Poker

This is one of the simplest games to learn and Play, thus quite obviously one of the most popular ones as well. If you’re looking for an easy game that provides entertainment as well as ease of gameplay, Video Poker might be exactly for you. It is by far one of the favorites for USA players.

A single game or round starts with a player deciding his wager amount, depending on the machine you’re playing this can be anywhere from a few cents up to several hundred dollars. Once you’ve decided, hit the deal or draw button and 5 cards will be dealt.

Now, you have the option of either keeping the cards or exchanging them for new ones. So the chances are to either hold them or take new ones. It’s possible to hold as few or as many cards as you wish. Once you’ve decided, which ones to keep and which ones to change, hit the draw button again and new cards will be dealt.

Once the second round is over, qualifying hands are paid out. For a hand to qualify it usually has to hold a higher value than a pair of Jacks. There are some Video Poker types that will award a payout for a pair of tens, but these are pretty rare.

Different Types Of Video Poker Available To Players

Video Poker is offered in plenty of types, each of whom differs in some kind of a way. However, the main type is known as Jacks or Better – it awards a payout if player gets a higher hand combination than a pair of Jacks. These machines are divided into more types that differ by credits paid out for certain combinations, usually Flush and Full House.

Other types include Bonus Poker and Deuces Wild, where a deuce can replace any other card and a combination of ”Five of a kind” is possible.

The House Edge

As all the other Casino Games, Video Poker also features the so called House Edge – an advantage that is held by Casino over players. However, this game is the only one where you can actually hold an edge over the Casino.

Usually machines return anywhere from 98% to 99.5%, but there are the so called Full Pay Jacks or Better machines that actually have an expected return of 100.5%.

Online Machines

Online Casinos have been a huge hit in the recent years, same can be said for Online Video Poker. Games have advanced to a level, where Brick & Mortar Casinos might have a hard time competing with online sites considered the best.

There’s one great thing about playing this game online – you don’t have to insert any bills or coins. Just make a Deposit and you’ll be able to use that balance instantly.

Another benefit is the so called Multi-Hand machines that allow you to Play up to 100 hands simultaneously! This drastically increases the amount of hands that you can play in a short timeframe and also increases the chance to hit some of the higher end combinations, thus qualifying for a hefty payout!


While we won’t go into a complex strategy, you should always try to hit the higher end combinations, such as Flush or Full House. So if you have a pair and four to a flush, you should always go for the Flush, as the payout is way bigger for this combination, compared to even three of a kind, for example.

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