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Slots or Slot Machines are computerized gambling machines that feature several reels with various symbols on them. These machines are the simplest form of gambling, which was introduced back in the 70s, when just about every pub or bar had them offered.

Machines are divided into two main types nowadays – Fruit Machines and Video Slots. The first ones are really simple machines, usually with 3 spinning reels and offers only a couple of PayLines. Video Slots, on the other hand, are advanced and provide a great gaming experience, often with stunning graphics and gameplay.

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Slot Machines are one of the easiest games to Play, we’d say learn, but there is actually nothing that you have to learn other than how to insert coins or bills. So in order to get started, you have to insert money into the machine and select the number of PayLines you want to Play. The more you choose, the better action you’ll get so we would advise to choose the maximum amount of lines offered.

Once you’ve chosen the amount of lines, you only have to figure out the amount of money that you’re willing to wager in each spin and per PayLine. That’s it! Hit the Spin button and the action starts!

If you’re looking to play for real money, it’s even easier as you won’t have to insert any cash into the machine. All you have to do is find one of the best casino websites and make a Deposit!


Online Slots are loaded with features, especially Video Slots. Bonus Rounds & Games, expanding symbols that increase your payouts and we could go on forever.

Most machines also feature 2 symbols that you should watch for:

The Wild Symbol is usually the one awarding highest payouts from all. It can also substitute for any other symbol on the reel, to create a payout on any qualified PayLine.

The Scatter Symbol is another of the special symbols. It usually awards Free Spins or enables Bonus Game, when at least 3 Scatters are spun on the reel.

Some games also feature a ”Bonus Symbol”, which activates whatever Bonus Game that particular Slot has.

Before you Play Slots, check out each particular ones Payout Table. This will increase your knowledge about what to look out for by a mile!

Types Of Slot Machines Available

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, Slots are divided into two main types – Video Slots and Classic Slots, also known as Fruit Machines.

Video Slots are relatively new addition to the market and offer an exceptional gaming experience. Realistic graphics & sounds are just two points in the whole experience these offer. You’ll also be able to play up to 100 PayLines, when playing this type.

Fruit Machines are ones that are known for being more old-school. Some even feature a one armed bandit. These usually feature 3 reels and a couple of pay-lines. Players who were around in the early ages of Slot Machines will certainly love these!

House Edge

This is a term that describes the advantage, which Casino holds over the Player in any Game they offer. This is also true for Slot Machines and these are known to have a significant role in Casinos earnings.

Slots are a game type that contains one of the largest House Edges there is, even though many advertise PayOut percentages that are as high as 97%, in reality most Machines only pay out around 70-80%. There’s a house edge of around 20-30%, which is without a doubt a lot!

Progressive Slots

These are games that are known worldwide, mainly due to the size of Progressive Jackpots. Online Slots feature some of the highest ones, as one game can be offered at hundreds of Casinos and played by thousands simultaneously. You’ll find Online Slot Jackpots that are as high as $10 Million.

It get’s better, these can usually be won through an exciting Bonus Game. Even though I’ve only one small ones, every time I enter a Bonus Game with Jackpot up for grabs, I literally can’t sit in my chair. Yes, it’s that exciting!

A great example of an exciting Bonus Game is Mega Fortune Slot Machine. Once you spin 3 Bonus symbols on the reel a huge Bonus Wheel opens. It contains of 3 wheels in total and middle is where you can win a Jackpot prize! Even if you don’t win one, there’s plenty of consolation prizes that are also large in size!

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