Best Online Casinos By Game-Type For 2024

There are thousands of different Casino Games, all of whom differ from others in a specific way or type. You can choose between Online Slots and a dozen Tables Games, such as BlackJack, Roulette, Baccarat, Caribbean Poker and many more.

While you’ll rarely find a Casino that only offers Table Games or even concentrates on these as their main offering, this isn’t the case with Slots. You’ll find several ones that are targeting Slot Players and some will offer only these games at all!

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Slots Casinos will usually have large Deposit Bonuses with some truly crazy match percentage, such as 500% up to $5,000 Bonus. You’ll benefit from a wide range of Slot Games, usually more than a hundred games that will please your wishes and needs. So to sum it up, by joining a Slots Casino, you’ll benefit from the following:

Huge Bonuses – these Casino types are known for generous Bonuses. Both, match percentage and the amount of Bonus will be really significant in size.

Wide variety of games – while Slots aren’t really hard to find and are offered at just about any Casino, you might benefit from unique ones. There are a couple of Casinos that offer custom ones, which can’t be found anywhere else.


BlackJack Casinos as standalone ones are really rare, if there even are any. However, just about any significant Casino will offer BlackJack as part of their offerings. If you join one that not only offers this game, but also has something tailored for it, there are several benefits you might enjoy:

BlackJack Bonuses – as the house edge is tiny, Casinos aren’t willing to give out Bonuses for BlackJack players. However, there still are some reputable ones that will do this. If you join one you’ll highly benefit from it!

Different BlackJack types – this isn’t meant about Single Deck or anything along the lines. Different BlackJack Types stands for having games with different and unique rules and/or gameplay. There are games like Pontoon and Progressive Jackpot BlackJack out there! You’ll be able to Play these if you join the correct Casino.


Roulette Casinos similarly as BlackJack ones are rarely found as standalone ones, but are almost common sense, when it comes to having the game of Roulette as a part of Gambling Sites offering. By joining a Roulette Casino you’ll likely enjoy the following:

Roulette Bonuses – similarly as BlackJack, Roulette is also a game of small house edge, thus Casinos aren’t willing to give Bonuses for Roulette. However, the tailored ones will be more than willing to do so and will often have promotions to add even more value to each spin!:

Variety of Games – this isn’t a point about European/American or French Roulette. There’s way more than that in Online Roulette. You’ll be able to Play MultiWheel Roulette or one with a Progressive Jackpot, given that you choose the right Casino!


Baccarat is a table game that is quite similar to BlackJack, in terms of gameplay. Games are also similar, when it comes to the House Edge – both feature one on the low end. Join a Baccarat Casino and you will be able to take advantage of

Bonuses that actually count Baccarat wagers in fulfilling the requirements. You might be surprised how many ones do not allow this, due to the low House Edge.

Types of Baccarat – while Club Baccarat can rarely be found Online, you’ll still benefit from being able to Play a wide variety of game types. Even though many will offer worse chance to win than the basic one, having a chance to choose is always good.


Craps Casinos will offer a wide variety of Craps games. This is actually a table game that has a few bet types offering players a chance to break-even longterm. Thus finding a Casino that actually gives rewards on top might be a challenge.

Craps Bonuses will often help you to turn the edge the other way around, but be careful as Casinos aren’t that dumb. If you find something that is too good to be true, it probably is.

While Craps are usually played in their main type, some adjusted ones can still be found. Even ones that offer a progressive jackpot! Join a great Craps Casino to have a shot at this one.

Video Poker

Video Poker Casinos will get the ball rolling, if you’re looking to Play this game. We said that it’s possible to break-even on some bets in other games, but this one is actually the only Casino Game that can feature odds in players favour. This is, of course, given that you follow optimal strategy.

Video Poker Bonuses will often feature some crazy wagering requirement, but if you play them right, it’s possible to leave as a big winner.

This is one game, which offers hundreds of different types. You’ll find multi hand machines, which will allow to play 100 hands at time as well as progressive ones. Everything is in your hands, join the right Casino to take advantage of all these things.